Monkey Method®Weightlifting

Squat Specialty Programs

$19/Per specialty

  • Five week technique & strength cycles (Progressive programs built from foundational level to mastery)
  • 2-3 workouts per week (45min sessions)

How it Works

5 Week Online Training Program

You'll receive 2 days of training per week (Specialty Skill Emphasis) curated by our expert Power Monkey coaches.

Comprehensive Workouts

Each workout contains warmup, strength/ skill, and mobility/prehab exercises designed to safely & systematically enhance your weightlifting ability and comfort in complex barbell movements. 

Instructional Videos

Our extensive video library contains over 500+ videos to help guide you through every movement of the Monkey Method® program.

Establish Essential Movements

Build flexibility, comfort, and strength in key movements and positions for the Olympic lifts. Squat, Snatch, Clean, and Jerk comprehensive programs will guide you from foundational movements to peaking and mastery phases.

Learn injury prevention techniques

Monkey Method's® essential warmup drills will help you perform every single day and save your body from common injuries.

Pay as you Progress!

Each block contains a specific set of sequences tailored to a progressive approach to increasing competency in the Olympic Lifts. Take as long as you want on each block - you only pay once.

Take your plan with you

Our mobile friendly design enables you to access your plan on the go!

Meet Your Coaches

Mike Cerbus

Mike is a multiple-time USA National Medalist, 2011 American Open Champion, part of 2012 USA Olympic Qualification Team, and Oly coach of multiple CrossFit Games Athletes. As the Director of Power Monkey Clinics, Mike has brought his thoughtful techniques for building strength and efficiency in the Olympic lifts to clients all over the world.


Chad Vaughn

Chad is a world-renowned Olympic Weightlifter and Coach. He is a 2x Olympic, 9x National Champion, and American Record Holder (Clean & Jerk and Master’s Snatch, C&J, and Total). A teacher at heart, Chad shares his extensive knowledge of the sport through clinics, content, and programming.


Even after 12 years of doing Crossfit, I knew I had a lot of room for improvement on my bodyweight movements, but was unsure what to do. Working with Monkey Method® has helped me greatly in my strength, technique and flexibility. I know the things that I'm doing with Monkey Method® won't just help me as a competitive athlete right now, but also ensure my longevity in Crossfit.

Annie Sakamoto

CrossFit Santa Cruz Central

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