Theraband Warm Up (Part 1)

Skill Level: Beginner
Category: Warm Up

Theraband Warm Up (Part 1)

Internal and External Rotations

   1)Elbow at 90 degrees

   2)Keep elbow close to body throughout

   3)Wrist stays in neutral position (thumb pointed up)

   4)Maximum range while keeping position in place

   5)Shoulders square

Backward Arm Circles:

   1)Hips/shoulders square to upright

   2)Elbow locked out on circling arm

   3)Make as big of a circle as possible (arm close to ear coming through vertical)

Pull Backs:

   1)Hips/shoulders square to upright

   2)Elbows locked out

   3)Palms facing behind 

   4)Pull back as far as possible while keeping position intact

     NOTE: After completing reps, arms in line with hips and perform circling actions in both directions w/ elbows locked out.


   1)Hips/shoulders square to upright

   2)Bring band up in line with shoulders

   3)Palms facing each other

   4)Pull band towards chest, retracting scap

   5)Extend to full elbow lock out on each rep