Introducing the all NEW

Monkey Method® App

  • Skill-specific programs designed by world-class coaches
  • Strength and mobility assessments tailor each program for your body
  • Workout tracking to see your progress
  • All levels available: beginner through advanced

Plans available

more launching soon!

  • Get Your First Pull Up

  • CORE365

  • Press Handstand

  • Front Squat

  • Back Squat

  • Kipping Muscle Up

  • Strict Ring Muscle Up

  • Iron Cross

  • Handstand Foundations

MONKEY METHOD® is for athletes at every level.

Our mission is to bring you the highest level fitness expertise and education. We've created a methodical approach designed by our world-class coaches so you can train safely and confidently. Access our fitness programs anywhere via our Android and Apple workout app.

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    Skill-specific programming


    Mobile ready general strength programming

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