PEZ Split Jerk

Skill Level: Beginner
Category: OLY

PEZ Split Jerk - AKA High Elbow/Chin Lift

PEZ Front Rack Set Up
1. Feet shoulder width
2. Index finger 2-3" outside shoulder w/ALL fingers under
3. Elbows inside hands w/up pressure
4. Stack body(NO arch)
-head relaxed(NOT back)/eyes straight
-NO arch(squeeze gluts/ribs down)
-NO big chest(breath into stomach)

1. Slow and short w/dip, knees out, mid-foot(NOT heels)
2. Maintain stack(shoulder over hip), head neutral/eyes straight
3. Stand w/chin lift(complete when bar clears chin), body follows UP into "jump and split"
4. Head/eyes relax to neutral(not forward)

Desired Split
1. Each foot w/slight heel turnout, back heel up
2. Back knee bent/front shin vertical(NO forward angle)
3. Hips square w/vertical torso(NO arch) and head neutral(NOT forward)
4. Bar aligned w/back of head, wrist back, arm lock, unshrugged